5th Short-term joint staff training events, Gorzyce, Poland

Mobile devices in every path of our life"
The fifth Short-term Joint Staff training events was held from 9 to 13 February 2018, in Gorzyce, Poland. Our host was  the ZESPÓŁ SZKÓŁ IM.POR.JÓZEFA. The themes of the mobility were " Mobile devices in every path of our life" and "A robot as an example of a true mobile computing device, where the device itself is mobile"

The 5th Short-term Joint Staff training events, held in Gorzyce, Poland, from 9 to 13 February 2018, was hosted by ZESPÓŁ SZKÓŁ IM.POR.JÓZEFA. During the mobility in Poland all the students took part in several activities such as:

  • The use of mobile devices in the educational process - Register online -  Mr. Marek Belotti.

  • Team Viewer - Mr. Wiesław Bednarczyk

  • Google Keep -  Mr. Marian Sikora

  • A platform was introduced on which teachers  added  photos, videos, notes of the entire stay.

  • The use of tablets and smartphones in the didactic process on the example of Robot Programming by Mr. Artur Grochowski.

  • Learning to program Industrial Robots using micro-robots and smartphones  by  Mr. Artur Grochowski.

  • Plickers  - by Mr.Wiesław Bednarczyk. Plickers App  was introduced for quick checks for understanding to know whether the students are understanding big concepts and mastering key skills. 

  • The History of Poland " The system of Education in Poland" " Getting to know us  even better"- multimedia presentations - Mr. Marek Belotti.

  • Digital recordings of Polish tradition from the 18th century with the use of mobile devices by Mrs. Elżbieta Opiela and Mrs. Anna Furman

  • "BYOD- (bring your own device) -trend in schools- take advantage of it by dr inż. Janusz Korniak

  • "Virtual Day"- Virtualization of the didactic process - presentation at the Rzeszów University of Technology in Stalowa Wola by prof. dr inż. Andrzej Trytek and dr inż. Paweł Petecki.

  • KHAN ACADEMY APP - Supporting students on their personalized path leading to success in learning - Mr.Piotr Pawlak and Mr. Marian Sikora. 

  • Preparing the multimedia presentations for the evening with the use of Google Keep App. - Mr. Wiesław Bednarczyk.

Read the agenda of the 5th Short-term Joint Staff training events (C11)

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