6th Blended Mobility of School Learners, Focșani, Romania

“ See mobile devices in action!”

The sixth Blended Mobility of School Learners was held from 23 to 27 of April 2018, in Focșani, Romania . Our host was  the Technical College ”Edmond Nicolau”. The theme of the mobility was “See mobile devices in action!”

The 6th Blended Mobility of School Learners, held on Focșani, Romania, from 23 to 27 of April 2018, had a second important theme, the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Great Union, the creation of the Romanian unitary state, and the end of the First World War.

The meeting was designed and coordinated in partnership between teachers and host students, who were in charge, both with the introduction of new apps and practical activities based on some features of these, which can be useful for educational purposes, inside and outside schools.

Using apps like Flipgrid, AnswerGarden, Tricider, HPReveal, or through the access of platforms like Linoit, Twiddla, AwwApp, students have experienced on using real-time collaboration tools, feedback or evaluation/auto evaluation online tools, complex online platforms, surveys and questionnaires/tests, virtual tours apps.

To see the mobile devices in action, students visited the University of Galati, the Astronomical Observatory of Galati, and the Seismological Observatory "Dr. Cornelius Radu" – Vrâncioaia.

Apps like Vtility, Youvr, Google Street View or the ”old” PowerPoint were introduced as an integrated apps to make virtual tours. Mixed students' teams, that included at least one student from each country, named after the main military forces during the WWI, used these apps to create virtual tour of one of the historical places visited during this mobility. The road of Mausoleums was the opportunity to meet history through the eyes of modern technology, during the trip ”Romania 100”. Also students visited some sightseeing in Focșani city Center, that belongs to the cultural heritage of Mjr. Gheorghe Pastia – Athenaeum and Theater, who, like the museums seen, in Focșani and Galați, contributed to the educational agenda, as vectors for their cultural and social development. The digital records and virtual tours made by students participated to the contest, ”The Battle of Armies!” , whose winners were decided by an electronic vote just before the closing ceremony.

Read the agenda of the 6th Blended Mobility of School Learners (C6)

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