1st Short-term joint staff training events (C7), Ferentino, Italy

"We (teachers) versus they (the students) - different ways to understand mobile devices role"

Between 7th and 11 of November 2016, in Ferentino(FR), Italy, was held the first Short-term Joint Staff training event. Our host was ISTITUTO DI ISTRUZIONE SUPERIORE “MARTINO FILETICO”. The theme was "We (teachers) versus they (the students) - different ways to understand mobile devices role" 

The first Short-term joint staff training, was held in Ferentino (FR), from 7 to 11 of  November 2016. This event brought together, for five days, representative participants from all partner institutions involved in this strategic partnership. 
As an important contribution to our Project, the programme has connected the two types of activities, indoor and outdoor activities, taking the form of working sessions combined with team building activities, most of them in open spaces.
The working sessions included the official opening and closing of the meeting, learning sessions and round-tables focusing on discussing personal experiences regarding the use of mobile devices in classroom, regulations for  this use, for each country.

Read the agenda of the 1st Short-term Joint Staff training events (C7)

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